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Bring a smile to your employees. Group dental coverage saves $.

Dental insurance is a central part of a comprehensive benefits package for 3 key reasons. It helps detect oral health problems early, increases employee productivity and lowers your companies medical and insurance costs. Proactive support by employers makes a difference both by educating and encouraging employees to take advantage of regular cleanings and exams. Tooth pain can cause employees to leave work early or call in sick. Preventive care keeps pain and problems under control.

Group Dental Insurance Benefits

When you bundle Dental insurance with your Group Health Insurance, you can offer your employees a better policy, coverage, and benefits at a reduced rate over an individual policy with no waiting periods. Employees pay with pre-tax dollars, and the employer portion (generally 50%) is tax-deductible. Group policies typically offer better carries and a broader network making your company more competitive and attractive to attract and retain talented employees with better plan designs.


Real Life Stories

“As a small business owner in DFW's hyper-competitive marketplace, I'm always looking for personalized service and recommendations that help me compete for employees with the "big boys." Thanks, JoAnn! BenefitsDallas, helped me find the best group dental plan for our team that's boosted productivity around the warehouse."

- Antonia Castillo

What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance is insurance that covers dental care. Dental insurance has long been separate from medical insurance, although employers often offer a benefits package that includes medical and dental insurance. Plans and rates vary by location and group size.

What does dental insurance typically include?

Typically, dental insurance plans have deductibles and benefit caps limiting how much the plan pays for dental care. However, some preventative treatments like exams, cleanings, X-rays, and fluoride are generally covered automatically. Some fillings or emergency oral surgery portions may be covered but include additional out-of-pocket costs.

What kind of group dental plans are offered in Texas?

A Dental PPO plan allows you to go to any dentist you like, but you can save money by visiting a dentist in the plan's network. An HMO plan provides a smaller network of doctors offered through your primary dentist at a reduced cost.