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I launched BenefitsDallas in 1996 because I saw how difficult it is as a mother of 4 to understand and navigate all the various forms of insurance we need at different stages of our lives. By 2004, Rich Horch and I merged to strengthen our shared interest to help Seniors navigate the complicated maze of Medicare. Today, we specialize in Groups, Seniors, and Individuals offering the most competitive Health, Life, and Business insurance plans. People say what they appreciate most about partnering with us is our hands-on approach and caring attitude.

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Our commitment is an expression of what we are most passionate about: helping you protect yourself, loved one's, business, and employees. We believe in bringing value and a highly personalized approach.


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Everyone at BenefitsDallas shares the same vision which is to put the needs of others before yourself. These people live it out. Everyday.

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We help you untangle the knots of confusion around Insurance & Benefits.

We also provide the Best HR Information, Benefit Administration, and Web-based technology with out sacrificing Personalized Service.

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The adage "the only constant is change" proves even more true for the healthcare industry, where plans, coverage, Medicare, and even laws seem to change almost daily.

That's why we stay up to date on all the changes and legislation and are here to help you navigate the confusion.

We specialize in providing individuals and family's in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex (DFW) and beyond health and life insurance as well as disability plans.

We also are experts when it comes to benefits solutions for your business. Let us review your police to see if we can help you save money or get better coverage.


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