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Great value at a lower cost for you employees with no medical exam.

Employees love security. When businesses offer group life insurance as an employee benefit, employees get a paid policy that remains in effect as long as they are employed. Most group members pay very little to get such a huge benefit. As the employer, you get to offer a cost-effective benefit that won't break the bank. And unlike individual policies, group insurance doesn't require a medical exam.

Group Life Insurance Benefits

Offer $10,000 to $50,000 per employee at minimal cost with no medical questions, health history or disqualifying events. Coverage includes a set guarded amount depending on the size of your company and average employee salary.

For The Employer

Attract New Employees

For The Employee

Get the peace of mind that comes with a paid life insurance policy through your employer in the case of death to assist your loved ones. Plus, you can increase your coverage at a lower rate than purchasing an individual policy. Includes some options for spousal and dependent coverage.




Tax benefits for employees.

Portability may be possible.

Great employee benefit with flexibilty.

Typically, group term life insurance is available tax free. That may help your employee's family pay for funeral expenses and clear up some debts in the event of the unexpected.

Because coverage is linked to on-going employment, the coverage automatically ends when employment terminates. However, some options may exist to covert the policy to continue coverage.

Employers determine how much coverage you'd like to offer, whether to allow employees to increase their death benefit, and if coverage is available for spouses and children.

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