Large Group Insurance & Employee Benefits

You want an insurance agency that will give you a dedicated account manager that provides turn-key benefits, enrollment, and HR packages (including payroll) with the flexibility to pick and choose the services you need.

We're ready

Stop calling 800 numbers. Get someone who knows "your story."

Large employers want to incorporate digital health programs like wellness, telemedicine, and wearable health technologies into their health plans. Those are proven to improve employee health and drive down employer and employee premiums substantially over time. Most importantly, you want a "one-stop shop" where someone knows your story and is ready to "make things happen for you."

Busy business owners and H.R. managers have enough on their plates that you don't want or need to spend your time explaining benefits to your employees, help with every claim, or spend time on hold with an 800 number. You're smart enough to know that you need someone to help you stay in compliance. And wise enough to know that anything that streamlines things allows you to spend more time working on your business than for it.

Large Group Health Insurance

Give your employees the benefits of Better health with affordable, quality health care.


What kind of large group employee benefits can we help you offer?

The most popular form of large group insurance are health insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and life insurance. Beyond Medical benefits, we also offer Worksite Benefits, Key Man Protection, Retirement Plans, & Payroll Processing.

What other forms of large group resources and benefits administration do we offer?

Our popular Ease platform will help you save time and increase your employee's benefits engagement by using online enrollment, paperless processes, e-signatures, and easy reporting. The HR360 resource is an HR online library and compliance e-book that's kept up to date a team of expert attorneys.

What are the most popular large group health insurance plans?

As an independent insurance agency, we love to find the right mix of health care coverage for your employees and business. The most popular plans include Fully-Insured Plans, Self-Funded Plans, Level-Funded plans, and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO). We also can help you find a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan or High-Deductible Health Plan with Savings Option (HDHD/SO) plan.

Do we offer compliance support?

Absolutely! Not only do we offer HR Compliance Assessments, but we also provide guidance and access to our HR Legal Library. We do this so that you can avoid costly fines, penalties, or the loss of your tax-favored status. Plus, we can explain your benefits package directly to your employees and help with enrollment.

Do you get a dedicated account manager?

Yes, we take care of your policy and employees' needs on an ongoing basis so you can focus on what you do best. It starts by finding the best mix of benefits to offer at the right price. It continues by answering questions, resolving claims, and acting as the single point of contact between the carrier and your company. And it never ends because we stay current with ever-changing regulations so that you remain in compliance.