What is Holiday Participation for Small Business Group Insurance?

How it works?

Only for small groups of 1-50 full time employees. There is no participation requirement. Hence, you can have 40 employees and enroll one. Even if the others have no other coverage.




Example of 1 on TWC case with all others 1099:

A group must have at least one common law (W-2) employee in addition to the owner or owners and spouses of the owner or owners for most of the business days during the prior calendar year in order to qualify as a group under the Federal Small Group Definition.  For groups that were not in operation during the prior calendar year, the same standard is applied to the current year.

There is an exception if the entity is structured as a partnership LLP, GLP, LP or some LLCs.  If this prospect is structured as a partnership, we can likely get it issued with documentation of the partnership status.

Otherwise, this entity probably does not qualify.

Dawson Russell