IRS to Continue Issuing ACA Penalties

With the roll out of ACA many delays and waivers were given.The initial shock of I must do this went away since the IRS did not serve penalty letterrs right away. Now 4 years down the road the IRS is checking up on Employers. Two of my clients were already served fines. The good news is they had an agent.

We were able to assist them with supporting documents and knowledge to escape the huge fine. As we move into a new era of Healthcare choices without the repeal of the bill many hidden taxes and penalties will raise their ugly head for gotcha’s!

Talk to an agent make sure you are compliant. Talk to your legilators and demand repeal of this Tax bill that is misnamed a healthcare bill. Americans need healthcoverage that works. They need coverage that is affordable for everyone. It is time to do something before businesses shut their door.