TAHU News Updates from the Capitol

At midnight last Thursday, the deadline for House bills to be considered by the full House ended. Of the more than 4,700 House bills filed this session, 2,957 failed to meet the deadline, and died.

With the passing of this important House deadline, TAHU has successfully stopped numerous bills that would have negatively impacted our industry. But with only 14 days left in the legislative session, we remain vigilant for attempts by opponents to alter or amend bills that remain active in the legislative process.  All of TAHU’s priority legislation remains alive having already passed the House or as an active Senate bill.

The priority bills for TAHU that are still alive and in process include: 

HB 463 - Air Ambulances -  reciprocal networks

HB 871 - Telemedicine expansion in rural areas

HB 1112 - Required sign removal for Freestanding Emergency rooms without a license

HB 1742 - OON Lab balance bill mediation solution

HB 1757 - Patient’s Choice of Pharmacist 

HB 1832 - Prohibition on health plans limiting ER payments to retrospective decisions on Emergency conditions

HB 1880 - Increased frequency require for heath plan Directory updates, network adequacy reviews, notification of providers when terminated, error tracking and reporting

SB 1852 - Consumer Choice Plan annual disclosure removal

HB 1914 - Prompt Pay required for OON physicians based on Usual & Customary amounts (not reimbursement rates) 

HB 1941 - FERs unconscionable price prohibition if more than 200% of regular ER average charge

HB 2032 - Statewide Health Literacy Committee 

HB 2041 - Increased FER transparency  on health plan network participation - set for Senate hearing Tuesday 8:00 am; 

HB 2099 - Frozen formulary - Set for hearing Tuesday 8:00 am;

HB 2536 - Rx Drug Transparency

HB 3911 - Requiring Network Adequacy review every 3 yrs; Set for hearing Tuesday 8:00 am

SB 1530/HB 3299 - Surprise Billing - ERISA opt in to dispute resolution

SB 1742/HB 2630 - Added details required for health plan provider directories and websites re disclosure of specialty types and searchable; 

SB 1940 - High Risk Pool creation if federal funds available 

SB 1264 - Surprise Billing omnibus Bill (includes credit reporting prohibition and OON labs) 

SB 439 - QSEHRA codification - small Employers can use on premium dollars needs House committee vote

Questions? Contact your TAHU lobbyists at:

Mike Meroney                                                       
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Shannon Meroney
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