Do we really want Medicare for All?

Wake up America, the VA has struggled for years with a bloated administration poor care dying vets with the Government run program.
Obamacare another government solution has been a fiasco. Remember they told you if you like your doctor your can keep him? This will be lower cost?
Choice of carriers?
What we have is limited carriers, few doctors high premiums, deductibles and max out of pocket. A small section of Medicaid expansion members pay low premiums but can not find doctors.
Is this what you really want. The VA finally had a president who ended the ridiculous rule of not being able to fire employees who did not do their job!
He passed the program to allow veterans to obtain care outside of the VA. Do you want years to go by loved ones to die for a pie in the sky plan?
Think about who is going to pay? Nothing is free.


Jo Ann Charron